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Before leaving Switzerland (LAUSANNE) for Easter, I am very happy DARIN and he did the song, the video is beautiful.

I would like to write for DARIN it will be a real pleasure

I give full reason for taking a German label.

When you talk to ONE NIGHT RECORDING, they are friendly and they will respond immediately.

The allemanne is seen Americans, I say, I argue for everything.
I’d be very glad "SO YOURS was born in France and is DARIN Claire Chazal on TF1 with.

I did not know DARIN, I heard a subliminal method on a sunny morning. (I heard a voice singing with suffering as a distress call HELP-ME).

It was in the month of August 2012, the voice was

The old songs I recognize were beautiful. But today DARIN other projects and want to reach a higher level and not local.

When a singer like DARIN potential. Must share it with the world.

I read in Scandipop" Give me tonight “really like.

I am the first to have said it was the best "EXIT".


The singer must work seriously to surround himself with the best.

DARIN will succeed internationally it is not obliged to go to the U.S. every 6 months to write.