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Yesterday 14/07/2013

I watched the show surSVT1 suede, it was beautiful.
DARIN and Robin made ​​a very good performance.

ROBIN sang two songs CRIME and YOU.

What ‘m bored with direct is when the princess was
shake hands DARIN issue is finished and I was pissed.
I wanted to see his reaction to DARIN.


The photo is missed, Robin’s eyes shine.
Robin is much cute in general the photos. This is seen
it is not a photographer who took the photo.


DARIN is very cute with his beard, everyone said. It looks more like a man and not a little boy.

On the photo the singer keeps his distance, he is distracted, it looks like he did not want this picture.

I saw that the husband of the princess waved to DARIN telling him that his song was superb. The royal couple appreciate DARIN it shows.

I knew that was the friend DARIN .

ROBIN himself who said on facebook “I just got a good friend and we write song the rain” I was understood DARIN .

ROBIN and DARIN is very nice, ROBIN is natural .

Congratulations to both.